Learn how to replace a windshield on your car, truck or van from the experts at Pacific Auto Glass in Mesa, Arizona.

Replacing a windshield for those skilled in the windshield repair is very easy and simple. Did you know that it makes the body of the car stronger with the windshield on? The materials that we use to replace a windshield include pinchweld primer which helps to avoid any rust in the body of the car also we use urethane, glass cleaner, vacuum cleaner clips, moldings if needed working,  gloves and safety goggles.

For reference: follow these steps from Wikihow:

After Windshield Installation Instructions:

After we install the new windshield we apply a blue tape on top of the windshield, which should be removed after 24 hours for safety. The time when you can begin driving your vehicle after installation will vary depending on the weather temperature normally will take from 2 hours waiting time up to 5 hours waiting time or more depending on the weather condition.

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